System document renovation


This project will achieve two aims:
1) to enable new users to have a set of system documents (invoices, credit notes, receipts, statements etc) that are tailored to their practice without the need to employ JasperSoft Studio expertise to tailor jrxml templates.
2) provide in the release package a set of document templates that suit the US/Canadian style of 'show ex-tax prices for items on invoices etc'

The first is achieved by:
a) modifying the system documents to use a common sub-report to generate the letterhead part of the document - in cases where a letterhead format different from the supplied one is required, then only the letterhead jrxml need be customised, not every system document.
b) adding a letterhead control facility to the system that enables the user to specify the logo to be used, the company tax ID (eg ABN 12 345 678 901 or VAT Reg 12345 67890, and source (the practice or which location) of the contact details to be used. The letterhead information to be used is specified for each practice location. This allows a flexible setup which covers both the simple practice+one location case, and the complex 'multiple business units each consisting of one or locations' setup.

The second is achieved by using a non-prompted for parameter that is set to either 'inc-Tax" or "ex-Tax". The boolean equivalent of this is used to switch the printed information to switch between in- and ex-tax formats. This approach allows the use of a common document template master from which the ex-tax version can be generated by changing one character string in the jrxml. Thus the "scale" development tool can be used to generate from the A4 in-tax templates, a set of ex-tax Letter documents.

Dependencies: the following are required:
Website contact [resolved]
Sub-reports from all bands [resolved]
Allow expression in report's sub-report expression [open]





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