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Out of stock warning


From http://www.openvpms.org/project/out-stock-warning

This project will:

  • display a warning message in charges if a selected product has no stock

  • display the On Hand quantity in customer charges and supplier orders

  • display an On Hand column in the Items table after the Quantity column

  • display a warning message if an order contains duplicate products

Out of stock warning message

An out of stock warning message will be displayed in customer charges if:

  • a product is selected that has no stock

  • the entered quantity exceeds the available stock

The message will display the no. of items out of stock.

On Hand Quantity

The On Hand quantity will be displayed next to the Quantity field, in both customer charges and supplier orders.

On Hand column

For charges and supplier orders, an On Hand column will be added to the Items table, to indicate the current On Hand quantity.

For charges, if a Quantity exceeds the On Hand quantity, the On Hand quantity will be displayed with a red background.

Duplicate order item warning message

If a supplier order contains duplicate items, a message indicating the first duplicate will be displayed e.g.:

1 Acepromazine 25mg Tablets appears in the order 2 times.

Duplicate checks will be performed when:

  • editing an existing order

  • an item is added or deleted




Tim Anderson


Tim Anderson


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