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Streamline invoicing


From http://www.openvpms.org/project/streamlining-invoicing

The following changes need to be made to improve invoice editing:

1. Add 'Completed' and 'In Progress' buttons to the CustomerInvoiceEditDialog

These would set the invoice status to COMPLETED and IN_PROGRESS respectively, and close the dialog

2. Automatically add a new invoice item when creating an invoice

The focus should move to the new invoice item, rather than focus in Notes

3. Added items that are unpopulated are to be deleted on OK/Completed/In Progress

If an added item is unpopulated (i.e all fields are at their default values), then these are

  1. ignored for the purposes of validation

  2. automatically removed from if any of the buttons exiting the editor are pressed

4. Add shortcuts to select the next/previous invoice item

Currently, to switch between invoice items requires either:

  1. selecting them with the mouse in the table

  2. navigating to the table with tab/shift-tab and selecting the item with the arrow keys

Adding keyboard shortcuts to select them would simplify this.
The shortcuts could be attached to buttons Next and Previous, displayed alongside Add and Delete.
Alternatively, they could just be attached to the form, and be documented.
Suggestions for possible shortcuts:

  • Alt-X (next), Alt-R (previous) - these are used by the existing Next and Previous buttons, so are consistent

  • Alt-N, Alt-P (problem with edit dialogs that have Print button)

  • Alt - < (previous), Alt - > (next)

5. Disable the Add button when the current item is incomplete

If an item is incomplete, pressing Add does not add a new item - the click is ignored.
The Add button should be disabled to indicate that addition is not available.







Tim Anderson




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