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After this a radical rethink was proposed to change the way that medical records are edited generally.


1. Direct editing of individual visit entries. In the Medical Records workspace allow users to double click a medical record entry to edit it. A dialogue will appear for that entry alone and when saved only that entry is saved and we have no issues with visit locking. To edit the actual visit details double click on the line with the visit and do the same. Obviosuly if you do this you may get a lock situation but less likely as only usually done to change clinician or status and is a quick edit so less chance of contention with someone else. Also much less to loose if you do get a lock situation not like loosing all your notes .
2. Workflow Visit Editing. Change the visit edit dialogue to display the summary instead of the table of visit entries and provide the same double click editing option as above. The summary woudl be displayed just like the summary tab in the current visit dialogue. We could make it so the filetr is set to only include the current visit and allow user sto remove the filter so they can see all clinical records, filter by type etc. Essentially a merge of the current two tabs and changing it so editing is much simpler.


The only additional point has been made that if possible, keeping the summary view readable whilst editing through a pop up would be ideal.







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