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Change Preview button to Print button


To print charges and estimates prior to them being finalised, the Preview button must be pressed. This generates a PDF file which may be printed via Acrobat Reader.
After Finalisation,charges can be printed and previewed by the Print button, however estimates must always be printed via the Preview button.
The functionality by Print and Preview should be rolled into Print as follows:
1. The Preview button should be replaced by a Print button, in all workspaces
2. Pressing OK in the print dialog will prompt to finalise any unfinalised acts first.
3. The preview button in the print dialog won't prompt to finalise any acts
4. If an act is finalised and then printed, its 'printed' flag will be set true.
5. the Alt-V key (current used as a shortcut for Preview) will be used to generate a PDF wherever there is a Print button and Alt-V is not used for another shortcut.




Tim Anderson


Matt Costa


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