Automated statement generation


Statement generation is currently initiated by the user from the Debtors workspace.
This has a number of limitations:
1. its an interactive task requiring manual intervention
2. it is driven by the user interface - if the user's session dies, so does statement generation
3. it can take a long time to run and therefore ties up the user's browser session
4. there is no log of what statement was sent, when, and how

A better approach would be a facility to enable statement generation to be automatically scheduled at a particular time of day/week/month etc.
The Debtors workspace would enable generation to be monitored, started and stopped, independent of the configured schedule.

For each statement that is processed, an act would be stored that was linked to the customer's closing balance and indicated if the processing was
successful or not, and the means that was used to try and generate it. This would allow:
1. statements that failed to print to be reprinted
2. alternative reporting techniques to be selected for those statements that failed (e.g, for those statements that failed to email, can print or resend to a different address)

Statement generation should also be able to be performed independently of the web application, to facilitate load balancing.




Tim Anderson


Tim Anderson




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