Failed to validate Clinician of act.Clinician in invoice edit


When adding an item to an invoice, sometimes the following error will appear: "Failed to validate Clinician of Act Clinician: value is required".

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Using test patient (mine is named "Tiny"), add to schedule with no clinician, then check-in as normal taking no other actions but to click "Ok" to proceed.

  2. Navigate to the Customer account and create a new invoice.

  3. If the invoice has a Clinician specified, remove it.

  4. Add a product to the invoice.

  5. If a clinician is specified in the line-item, remove it.

  6. Attempt to apply changes (alt-Y). This should result in the error message above being displayed, perhaps correctly.

  7. Add back the clinician in the invoice header and in the line-item and attempt to save. This results in the error message being displayed even though all the clinician fields are populated.


  • Appears to occur with admin and non-admin accounts

  • Not sure how other clinics are doing this, but we do not put a clinician on all invoices. OTC doesn't typically require one.

  • We may also see line-items without a clinician if they are added to an invoice at check-out by a technician. This is generally the mechanism used to control commissions to the doctor, so we would want to be able to have blank line-items, but OK to require at the header-level perhaps? (need to check this...)

  • With further experimentation, adding and removing the clinician to the header may allow saving of the invoice without clinician specified in both line-items and header with further user attempts to modify the invoice.


Tested on:
Ubuntu Linux 18.10 and Ubuntu Linux 19.04
tomcat8 and tomcat9 respectively
Actual version is SNAPSHOT pulled from source on Oct-5 for test on 19.04 (fb661d4496594eeed8235078dffb137e1b065637)
Running on 18.04 is SNAPSHOT built on 2019-8-22 from source (86135ee9cb394f02baa6910dd67d3b2693091897)


Tim Anderson


Paul Stadler




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