Clinician not populated when expanding templates


If an invoice is created by a non-clinician, the Clinician fields are blank.
If a template is expanded, and a Clinician is entered into a Medication popup:

  • this should update the corresponding Invoice Item

  • subsequent Medication popups should inherit the Clinician

At present, the:

  • the Invoice Item doesn't update

  • the subsequent Medication popups don't inherit the Clinician

Outstanding Issues

  • If the clinician is changed in a popup, the corresponding invoice item will be updated to reflect the new clinician, as will subsequent popups. However any other line item produced as part of the template expansion won’t be affected.
    E.g., suppose a template expansion produces 30 items, 10 of which display popups. By the time the first popup is displayed, all of the line items have been created with the current clinician, A. If the user changes the clinician to B in the first popup, the remaining popups will update to clinician B, but there will still be 20 items assigned to clinician A

  • In the case of there being no clinician, a popup can be displayed prior to template expansion requesting the user to select one. The clinician would be propagated to each item generated as part of the expansion. This would be optional.

  • If the clinician changes in an Investigation popup, does this propagate to subsequent popups? I think it should




Tim Anderson


Tim Anderson




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