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Reminder count enhancements


The new OpenVPMS 2.0 reminder scheme has been in use in production now for 6 months, and a number of suggestions have been made to improve it further:

  1. directly support sending reminders before they are due.
    At the moment, practices are using long lead times to support this. A negative Reminder Count interval, particularly for the first reminder will allow the lead time to be set as it was intended i.e. to allow lead times for slow delivery mechanisms such as post.

  2. rename the Overdue Interval and Overdue Units of Reminder Count to Interval and Interval Units respectively
    If reminders are being sent before the reminder is due, the term 'Overdue' doesn't indicate what it is for

  3. rename the First Due Date on the Reminder to Due Date

  4. rename the Next Due Date on the Reminder to Next Reminder

  5. calculate the Next Reminder as Reminder Interval + Count Interval.
    For the first reminder, the Reminder Interval is currently ignored.

E.g, this would allow configuration of the following 1 year reminder where reminders should be sent:

  • one month in advance

  • a week in advance

  • on the due date

  • 1month overdue reminder

The reminder type would be configured:

  • count 0, interval -1 month

  • count 1, interval -week

  • count 2, interval 0 day

  • count 3, interval 1 month





Tim Anderson


Tim Anderson




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