Scheduled Reporting - Calculated Date Parameters



This project will extend the Scheduled Reporting functionality included in OpenVPMS 2.0 to support calculated date parameters.

This will allow standard OpenVPMS reports to be easily scheduled. Currently these must either:

  • be modified to calculate the date range to query

  • have the parameters configured manually, before the report is scheduled to run

For each date parameter, the following list of options will be available:

  • Today - the current date

  • Yesterday - yesterday's date

  • Tomorrow - tomorrow's date

  • Now - the current date/time

  • Start Of Month - the first day of the current month

  • End Of Month - the last day of the current month

  • Start Of Last Month - the first day of the previous month

  • End Of Last Month - the last day of the previous month

  • Date - a specific date, to support the existing behaviour

With the exception of the Now option, the date will be calculated and supplied to the report with a 00:00:00 time component.

User Interface

Each date parameter will have a dropdown next to it, allowing the user to select from one of the above options. If Date is selected, a date-chooser will be displayed to select the date.

Archetype Changes

The entity.jobScheduledReport archetype needs new hidden paramExprType1...paramExprType14 and paramExprValue1...paramExprValue14 nodes to store the expression type and value.
The expression type will be 'date', but could be expanded to support jxpath expressions in future.




Tim Anderson


Tim Anderson




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