Clinician, Worklist and Printer selection improvements for multi-site practices



If your practice operates at multiple sites, you will have clinicians, worklists and printers relevant only to specific sites.

In the current system:

  • when using the clinician selection to select the clinician for an appointment, task or visit, all clinicians are available - even those who cannot access the practice location because it is not one of the locations set on their Administration|Users record.

  • when transferring a task from one worklist to another, all the practice's worklists are available - not just those in the worklist view(s) for the current practice location.

  • when selecting a printer, all printers are available - though in a multi-site practice it makes sense to select just from those printers located at he the currently set practice location.

This project will add an All Locations check box to the Clinician, Work List and printer browsers. By default this will be unchecked, excluding respectively clinicians who do not have access to the current practice location, work lists not linked to the current practice location via a Work List View, and printers not at the current location.

To select a clinician, work list or printer from the full set, you would therefore have to click on the binoculars button, tick All Locations, and select it from the list.

Note that having selected an 'out-of-location' clinician, the clinician would be used automatically as is the case currently.

Note also that the selection of the Customer's Preferred Vet (controlled via Administration|Lookups|Customer Vet) will be unaffected by this change.

To support the printer selection, a Printers tab will be added to the practice location, and this will be used to specify the printers available at this location. If this tab is empty, then all printers will be available at the location.




Tim Anderson


Tim Anderson




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