Incorrect price invoiced when partial product name entered


If a partial product name is entered in a charge Product field, and the binoculars button is pressed without pressing Enter beforehand, a product selected from the product browser can be charged with an incorrect price. This only arises if the partial product name resolves to a single product.

To reproduce:
1. Create a new invoice
2. Enter the patient
3. In the Product field, enter a partial medication product name that only resolves to one product. Do not press Enter in the field
4. Click on the Product binoculars button. The full product name should be displayed in product browser Search field
5. Clear the Search field, press Find, and select a different medication product
6. A New Medication window will be displayed, with the medication entered in 3. Click OK
7. Click Apply. The Items table will be updated to display the newly selected medication but charged at the original medication's price. The item itself will display the original medication
8. Click OK
9. Re-edit the invoice. The item will display the new medication, but at the original medication price.

The workaround is to press Enter in the Product field, prior to pressing the binoculars button




Tim Anderson


Tim Anderson




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