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Report Package improvements and fixes


The following fixes/improvements have been made:

Key Performance Indicators report – errors fixed
1. DISTINCT customer count included OTC ‘customer’ – should not
2. Patient activity test for inactive patients was incorrect
3. Number of days calculation incorrect for prior periods – assumed all periods had same length – not so if current is a leap year – this will be 366 but prior will be 365
4. Initial customer count was wrongly including customers created on the first day of the period.
5. Tweaked layout to fix field overlaps (was screwing up the export format)
6. Adjusted OTC and Invoice calculations so that OTC includes only Counter Sales to anonymous customers, and Invoices includes Count Sales to known customers (to match Practice Summary)
7. Moved Adjustments from the ‘billing’ bucket to the ‘income’ bucket. Ie
was Total Billed = Invoices + OTC – Credits + Adjustments; now Total Billed = Invoices + OTC – Credits
was Total Income = Payments – Refunds; now Total Income = Payments – Refunds + Adjustments
8. Payment discount rate was being wrongly calculated (was always 0)
9. US Letter version fails due to bad table cell alignment

AddressBlock – would not handle an OTC customer (ie when printing an OTC Sale invoice)

Customer Acquisition Report – corrected logic so that gives same new customers count as KPI and Customer Retention reports.

Historical Debtors Report - added option to allow credit balances to be ignored so the totals only include money owed.

Practice Summary Report
1. Outstanding Debtors subreport – was including credit balances when should not have been, replaced SQL by that cloned from Historical Debtors report.
2. Income by Clinician – adjusted test for OTC account to use archetype party.organisationOTC rather than name like ‘%Counter Sales’
3. Income by Location – adjusted test for OTC account to use archetype party.organisationOTC rather than name like ‘%Counter Sales’

The following new reports have been added:
Wait Time Statistics
Task Time Statistics
Customer Retention Report
Duplicate Customers & Patients
Estimates Report





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