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Allow editing of patient record dates when locking not enabled


A number of practices have raised concerns that the Medical Record Locking changes for 1.9 are too restrictive as they prevent:

  • pre-printing admission forms with the correct date, the day before admission

  • creating vaccination certificates for patients that have evidence for vaccination, but no formal certificate (e.g. if the patient has come from interstate or another practice)

  • back-dating records to reflect when events occurred e.g a house call vet may not be able to perform data entry at the time, due to poor network connectivity, or the impracticality of taking a notebook on site

These operations can't be done in 1.9 as the Date fields for certain record types have been made read-only, even if locking is not enabled. The record types are:

  • Attachment

  • Form

  • Image

  • Investigation

  • Letter

  • Medication

  • Note

  • Weight

In order to support the 1.8 behaviour of allowing dates to be changed, the Date fields will be made editable, but only when medical record locking is not enabled




Tim Anderson


Tim Anderson


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