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When charging and estimating, all medication, merchandise products are available for selection, even if there is no stock record for the product at the location. The first use of any product automatically creates the stock record.
Similarly, all services and product templates are available, even if they aren't performed or used at a location.

To support multi-location practices using different products, this project will:

  • add a Use Location Products flag to the Practice
    When enabled, any medication or merchandise product that doesn't have a stock record for the location will be excluded from selection during charging and estimating.

  • add a Locations field to services and templates
    This is only available if Use Location Products is selected.
    This lists the practice locations that a service or template may be used at. If a service or template lists no locations, it may be used at all practices.

  • add a Location option to Product Template Includes
    This is only available if Use Location Products is selected.
    It is evaluated if an included product meets any patient weight range criteria.
    It will have 3 options:

    • Always Include - the default. The product is included regardless of stock availability.

    • Fail if Missing - the template will fail to expand if there is no stock or location relationship, with an error:

      1 The template cannot be expanded: product X is not available at this location.

      Note that this does not take into account stock counts

    • Skip if Missing - the product will be excluded from the invoice or estimate if there is no stock or location relationship.

  • add a Locations option to Services and Product Templates
    This allows services and product templates to be excluded at specific locations. Locations need to be explicitly selected for exclusion.

If set, the Use Location Products flag also restricts products when creating:

  • Medications

  • Reminders

  • Patient Forms

  • Customer Orders and Returns

The Use Location Products flag is ignored:

  • when performing orders and deliveries

  • in Products - Information, Stock Management and Batches





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