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When a microchip or rabies vaccination product is used, the patient must be edited and the corresponding Microchip or Rabies Tag identity added to the patient via its Identities tab.

This project will enable Microchips, Rabies tags and other patient identities to be entered when a corresponding product is charged.

In addition, a button will be added to the Patient Summary to add a microchip for the patient, if one isn't present.

Product Changes

Medication, Merchandise and Service products will be assigned a new field, "Patient Identity" that indicates what type of patient identity should be created when the product is charged. This field will:

  • be optional

  • list the identity types that a patient can have (Microchip, Pet Tag, and in the US, Rabies Tag; Alias will be excluded)

  • allow the selection of one of these types (a single product cannot create both a Microchip and Rabies tag for example)

Charging Changes

When charged, a product with a Patient Identity will:

  • display an editor for the corresponding identity (Microchip/Pet Tag/Rabies Tag)

  • immediately add the entered identity to the patient

The editor may be skipped. If skipped, no identity is added to the patient.

The editor will be displayed if a product with a Patient Identity is:

  • included by a product template

  • invoiced from an Estimate

Patient Summary Changes

If a patient doesn't have a microchip, an Add button will be displayed in the patient summary.

When clicked, this will:

  • display a Microchip editor

  • add the Microchip to the patient when OK is clicked

This is a shortcut for:

  • Going to Patients - Information

  • Editing the patient

  • Clicking the Identities tab

  • Clicking Add to add a new Microchip


If a product with a Patient Identity is charged, and the Identity added to the patient, it will not be removed from the patient if the charge is removed.

This must be done by editing the patient in Patients - Information.





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