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Appointment transfer to worklist


From http://www.openvpms.org/project/appointment-transfer-worklist

If a patient needs to be admitted to hospital after a consultation, a new work list task needs to be created, and any relevant documents created and printed manually.

This project will add a new Transfer button to Workflow - Scheduling that is enabled when an appointment is selected that is one of Checked In, In Progress, Admitted, Billed or Completed. This will:

  1. prompt for a work list
    Work lists will be limited to ones associated with current practice location

  2. display a Print window if the target work list has templates or Use All Templates is ticked, listing the available templates to print.

  3. add a work list task for the selected work list, for the appointment patient
    The task will be given the same status as appointment if they have a status in common. If not, it will be set to In Progress.

  4. update the appointment status to Admitted, provided it is not Billed or Completed




Tim Anderson


Tim Anderson

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