Product price rounding



In countries that have a low-value currency, it is standard practice to set the product's price (i.e. selling price) in round dollars. For these environments, one needs the system to round any automatically calculated prices.

This project will add a 'Minimum Price' field to the Currency screen. if specified, this will round prices to the specified amount.
If this is set to say $1.00 then automatically calculated prices will be rounded to the nearest dollar. If it was set to $0.20 they would be rounded to the nearest 20 cents.

By default. Minimum Price will be set to 0.0, indicating that the default currency rounding should be used (e.g. for AUD, this is 2 decimal places).

The Minimum Price rounding will apply to both fixed and unit prices.

Prices will only be rounded when:

a) editing a product, and the product's markup or cost price are updated and the product's price is recalculated; or

b) Auto Price Update is set and a delivery is finalised which contains an updated Supplier List Price. [This will update the cost price to the list price, and calculate a new rounded unit price.]; or

c) a service ratio is being used. The price will be rounded after the service ratio is applied.

When editing products and there is a non-zero Minimum Price, the markup and maximum discount will be recalculated to reflect the rounded price. This occurs even if the markup is changed. Note that this doesn't occur by default as the price calculation introduces small rounding errors.

Rounding will not occur if:

  • the Import facility is used to update a price

  • the price is entered during charging or estimating




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