Sort charge and estimate items by template or product type



This project will extend the display of the Items table in charges and estimates to:

  • display a Template column
    This will indicate the product template that the item came from.
    If the item isn't associated with a template, it will be blank.

  • display a Product Type column
    This will indicate the product type of the item's product.
    If the product isn't associated with a product type, it will be blank.

  • allow the new columns to be shown/hidden
    The Items table is already very wide, so the display of the columns may be suppressed.
    Check boxes for Show Template and Show Product Type will be displayed above the Items table to show or hide the respective column.
    By default, the columns will be hidden.

  • enable sorting on these columns
    If both columns are displayed, then selecting the Template column will sort on Template, then Product Type, then Date. This is the default behaviour if both columns are displayed.
    If one column is displayed, then the default sort will be the column and then Date.

  • include Practice options:

    • Show Template during Charging and Estimating

    • Show Product Type during Charging and Estimating

            These determine if Show Template and Show Product Type are initially selected or not.

  • keep the settings for the lifetime of the session
    If the columns are shown or hidden, these settings will be stored while the user remains logged in so that the same changes don't need to be re-done each time the user performs charging/estimating





Tim Anderson


Tim Anderson




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