Customer Charges and Credits Workspace


Develop and test the Customer Charges and Credits Workspace to provide provide the following functionality.

1. Customer Selection. Standard customer selection pane defaulting to current customer.
2. Filtered Charges/Credits . List of current Estimations with filtering section to allow filtering by Type, From and To Dates, Status and Include Invoiced flag. Available types will be defined by archetype range, and default to all. From and To date will default to All dates, and Status will default to All. Listing will initially be in reverse chronological order. The List will display a Date, Type, Status and Description.
3. Charges/Credits Viewer. Under the List will be the charges/credits viewer which will display the details of the currently selected entry in the list. The viewer will be a modification of the standard IMObject Browser modified to suit browsing a Charge/Credit Act Archetype including participations and related child and non child acts.
4. Action Buttons.

. New. These will propt for an estimation archetype to create and then display a Act Editor dialogue which is a modification of the IMObject Editor to allow simpler entry and editing of act participations and related child and non child act relationships. Status auto set to In Progress.
. Edit. Allows editing of the currently selected Estimation. The Estimation can only be edited if the status is In Progress or Completed.
. Delete. This will allow the Charge/Credits to be deleted only if it status is not Posted or Invoiced.
. Complete. Marks the select charges/credits as completed. Only available if status is In Progress or On Hold.
. In progress. Marks the selected charges/credits as In progress. Only available if status is Complete or On Hold.
. Reverse. Only available if status is Printed or Posted. Automatically creates a contra entry for the Act.
. Print. Prints the Charges/Credits. Markes the act as Posted and sets the printed flag.

TODO: Design Charges ACT Browser and Editor UI.





Tim Anderson






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